VIP Printing Instructions

Ordering VIP Invitations is easy!  If you plan on using VIP printing, we highly suggest filling out the spreadsheet below before you order your invitations.  We can’t move forward with your order until the spreadsheet is completed.

VIP Placecards and Seal and Sends
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Step 1: Download the Template

The first step is to download the VIP Printing Spreadsheet.  You can download it below.

Be sure once you save it and open it, insure you save it to a location that you will be able to find easily.

excel speadsheet

Step 2: Fill out the template

Once you’ve downloaded the template to a safe place on your computer, it’s time to start entering address information.

This spreadsheet will have tabs on the bottom of the sheet allowing you to customize the following:
* Outer Envelopes or Icings
* Inner Envelopes or Wraps
* Tabs (Pockets Only)
* Address Labels
* Place Cards

Example of Tabs/Worksheets:

Only enter information on each Tab/Worksheet that you will be ordering for.  If you are just ordering VIP Inner and Outer Envelopes, just fill out those two.
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Step 3. Send in the Template

Once you’ve finished filling out the template.  You can submit right through our website.

You can submit your VIP Printing Template on the VIP upload page.

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