School Fundraiser 2019

Earn $10 for your school with every rental!*

Black Tie Wants to Help Raise Thousands for Your School!

We invite you to join our school fundraising program.  This is a great donation program designed to save your students and parents on tuxedo rental for prom.  For each rental we receive through this program we will donate $10 to your school.

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Reservation is Made

Reservation can be made on website or in store through April.

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School Gets $10

We will send your school a check with the proceeds!

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Student Gets a GREAT deal!

For every reservation made a $50 OFF prom tux coupon will be sent immediately.

Giving Proudly

For over 30 years Chicago and it’s suburbs have been our home.
Black Tie proudly participates in many community and school functions every year. We’re Local, Family Owned and Dedicated to Giving Back.

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Black Tie Wants to Help Raise Thousands for Your School! To accomplish this, we need your help!  We have pre-designed emails that you can send out to your students, parents, and staff as well as printed materials.  Contact us to request your materials!

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Students or parents go to our site any time up until April 30th to make their reservation and receive a $50 OFF coupon for any style tuxedo or suit.
They can choose any style for prom later when they’re ready to go.

Don’t Miss Out!
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We’re Ready to Help

Contact us by phone or email and we’ll be happy to help with handouts, emails, posters, in school events and giveaways to help make it as big as it can be!

708.207.7121     [email protected]

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