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Do you know where to go to find the right tuxedo for that special wedding of a friend or when prom season comes around? To find the right tux to fit your needs, you want a place that specializes in complete formal wear. That is why Black Tie Formalwear in Naperville IL is conveniently situated to provide an experience that removes the apprehension of renting formal wear for that special occasion. We offer store hours at all of our eleven locations to fit your schedule for finding a tux to fit your need.

Tuxedo rentals are a special time in a gentleman’s life and the experience should be just as special. Don’t let the seemingly daunting task of finding the right color scheme be an issue. Simply talk to us and we can find what you are looking for. Selecting the dinner wear that brings elegance to any situation is a complete focus of our professional staff at Black Tie Formalwear. Their commitment to finding you the right tuxedo for that special occasion is never in question. Our staff will take the necessary measurements and provide you with the best selections in tuxes anywhere to be found.

We offer competitive prices that are going to be hard to beat at any of our competitor’s outlets. Whether it is our Prom 50% off specials or joining our Tux Mob, Black Tie takes cost savings into account when aiding you in finding the right tuxedo. Compare what we have to offer and you will see that we are focused on your overall satisfaction in every detail.

Providing some of the premium names in tuxedo brands, such as Calvin Klein and Jean Yves, you will find our tuxes are meant to make you an object of attention…even if you had not meant to be. The Ike Behar collection is considered one of the top of the line selections with the slim line appearance casting an elegant presence to the occasion. If you need shoes or cummerbunds to match, we offer a complete line of accessories.

If you are an out-of-towner, our Coast-to-Coast tuxedo service allows you to locate a formal wear shop in your area where you can be measured. Once the measurements have been recorded simply go to and send your measurements over. Your tuxedo rental will be waiting at the Naperville location.

Don’t let the hassle of not knowing color scheme or designer names be an issue when looking for a quality tuxedo. Our overall concern is that you leave our shop feeling ready to go to that special occasion which is coming up. The days of pastels or traditional browns being the only selection in formal attire are long gone. Black Tie Formalwear is committed to the idea that renting a tux should have more in the way of offerings…just like you get when looking at a new car.

At Black Tie Formalwear you’re sure to find what you are looking for…at a quality price.

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